“See if something inspires you. Do something with it.”

                                                                  – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Are you a creative person trying to make your name in the world? Many people believe that if they take off and move to L.A., then they are bound to find the job of their dreams and have their name in the spotlight. However, if everyone has this same idea, then what does that do to an individual’s chances? I recently came in contact with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s production company called hitRECord which started in 2010. His organization speaks out to those same people trying to make their names and work recognized. HitRECord is an “open-collaborative production company” which uses the website not as a means of showcase, like YouTube and Vimeo, but rather as an online studio for those who choose to become involved. And just how hard is it to become involved? Well, not very hard at all. You simply go to the website and click on the large green circle which encases the word, “Join!”

To break the process down for you a bit more, let me try to explain. So, like I mentioned, the company is directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself. Yes, the same Joseph Gordon-Levitt who you’ve seen in InceptionThe Dark Knight Rises500 Days of Summer, and the like. One of my personal favorites of his still to this day is Ten Things I Hate About You. Still love ya, Cameron. When I say he directs the website, I mean he starts a collaboration (or you, too, could start one) which ignites the creativity of “collaborators” all over the world. Now, these collaborators could be anyone, including again, you. They upload their material to the website, and other collaborators can download it, being a song, video, tomato, to-mah-toe, and remix it. When they say “remix”, they mean that the media is simply taken and then altered with one’s own personal touch. Then, this new altered piece is re-uploaded to the website for others to put their own unique spin on it.

“Remix isn’t theft; it’s just how we work together.”

                                                                   — Joseph Gordon-Levitt

After altercations have been made, final products can reach all-star status and be sold! Yes, you receive the moolah (or cash money) for your work, and your name will be associated with that piece of media. Finally! Am I right or am I right? The profit from the sold media is then split 50/50 (how fitting considering Mr. Gordon-Levitt’s filmography). HitRECord gains half of the profit while the other fifty percent is split among all of the collaborators who added to it. Yes, again, this could be you!

Now, what kind of media are they creating? There are opportunities for making songs, videos, books, poems, images and the like. One example of how collaborators use their creativity of text is the self-published book entitled, “The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories”, where believe it or not, people have joined together to create tiny stories in this tiny book. It was so successful that the company was given a three-book deal, so expect to see even more of these tiny stories. Any filmmakers out there like me? Well, they are now collaborating to adapt the tiny stories into tiny videos. (Okay, I’ll stop using the word “tiny.” Though, I have to admit, it does become a tiny bit addictive). In fact, if you want to see more of the items created by hitRECord, then go out and purchase your own version of RECollection, a book with many of their final products, including text, images, a DVD with videos, and a CD with songs. They also do a lot of live shows where items made on the website are presented as well as impromptu pieces made up right there on the stage. They have taken place at large venues such as the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW.

“We don’t make movies to make money. We make money to make more movies.”

                                                                                               — A Wise Man

In 2010, hitRECord sent out checks for a total of $49, 849.70. And that was only in their first year. Interested but still think it sounds too good to be true? Why not go to the website,, and find out for yourself? You can browse their featured records and as Joseph Gordon-Levitt says in his introduction video, “See if something inspires you. Do something with it.” For a complete run-down of how the whole process works, hear it from the man himself. The introdcution video that I just mentioned will be seen on the home page, and it does a perfect way of explaining it all in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. Plus, you get to watch Mr. Gordon-Levitt for four minutes and thirty-four seconds. That’s enough to reel me in. I apologize, that sounded creepy. Ahem…anyway, I highly recommend this new innovative idea so go ahead and give it a try!

**I was given permission by to use the previous images.



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