Any News on “The Newsroom?”

As I sit here rewatching HBO’s The Newsroom, I wonder what everyone else’s thoughts are on it. Being one of the biggest fans of HBO, it seems only natural that I would be watching an episode of one of its newest shows…yet again. Yes, I am one of those people who watches episodes and movies multiple times without ever growing tired of them. The movie “The Holiday” with Jude Law? I watched it yesterday, the day before, and two days before that. This episode of the newsroom? Well, maybe I’m rewatching it simply to understand every line, but that’s the type of person I am.

When Game of Thrones was airing, I was hooked. I’m not even ashamed. I was introduced to it in March and still cannot get enough of it to this day. I’m even about to start reading the books. This may surprise some of you, but yes, I am that girl who is about to read Game of Thrones. The only thing keeping me from starting is the fact that my brother is currently reading the first book and taking his sweet time to finish it. I could buy my own version, but I am extremely frugal. Ergo, I may have to wait a few months…or years.

Anyway, I suppose I need to stop chatting away about Game of Thrones. (I even had Game of Thrones nights at my house where people brought different dishes each week). Back to The Newsroom, I can’t help but to wonder what other people think about this show. I wonder this mainly because I, myself, cannot figure out whether or not I even like it. Yes, I watch it every week, and like I have already mentioned, I may or may not watch the episodes multiple times…however, some episodes I love while others simply mesh together.

“Big news breaks when you least expect it.” – The Newsroom

To explain my point further, I will start with the first episode. The speech Jeff Daniels gives in the pilot episode sold me on the show entirely. Everything he said spoke to me; so many people in America are very cocky when they talk about our country (I’m American so I feel as though I can say that). If I hear “‘Merica!” one more time, I may snap. I grew up my entire life believing that the United States of America is the greatest country in the world, and maybe at the time it was. However, as I’ve grown up, I’ve been exposed to much more and have been able to form my own ideas about the world. The point Jeff Daniels’ character makes is that maybe America isn’t the “best” country in the world anymore. I have to say personally that after studying in Europe for a semester, there are many things that Americans need to be exposed to in their lives; those who shout out “‘Merica!” every other hour are usually those who haven’t taken the time to realize that.

Getting back to The Newsroom, I have more to say. I suppose the fact that I keep getting distracted from talking about the show explains my point exactly. At some points, I love the show, and at others, I am completely distracted. Like I was starting to say before, the speech Jeff Daniels gives in the beginning of the series is phenomenal. I did not want him to stop talking. The rest of the pilot episode was very exciting to watch,  too. However, the second and third episodes seem to mesh together to me. I cannot remember what happened specifically in each, but I do know what happened overall in the two. Does that say something that I cannot differentiate between two episodes…when I have currently only seen five of them? Who knows. I do know that the fourth episode got me back in the groove, so to say, mainly because of all of the events happening at the end while a Coldplay song was heard. Perhaps I’m just a sucker for Coldplay, but the song mixed with the plot as well as the emotions of the main characters after stating that they were the only news station to call things based on their ideas rather than the public opinion really gave the show points in my book.

While talking about the plot, it is hard to ignore two of the main relationships in the show. Those, if you have been watching it, should be obvious. I am talking about the characters Will McAvoy and Mackenzie MacHale as well as Jim Harper and Maggie Jordan. Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, is a very straightforward and blunt man known as one of the most watched anchors on television. His new Executive Producer, Ms. MacHale, is actually his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with one of her ex-boyfriends. The ironic part is that she didn’t realize how much she loved him until after she cheated on. Now, jealousy and confusion absorb the newsroom.

However, they’re not the only two causing drama in the workplace. When thinking about the characters Jim Harper and Maggie Jordan, I begin to be frustrated. Jim Harper is new to the office under Ms. MacHale’s authority and has a “secret” crush on Maggie. I say secret in quotations simply to emphasize that from the pilot episode, the fact that he has an infatuation with Maggie is made apparent. As the episodes continue, it is obvious that Maggie has also thought about Jim in a “more than friends” manner. However, her boyfriend…yes boyfriend, Don, obviously stands in the way. To add suspense and drama, Jim tells Maggie to learn how to fight with Don rather than break up every time they argue, as the couple is known to do. Whenever I see Jim act inferior to Don, I become really frustrated. People who have no confidence in themselves really bother me; that may sound blunt, but it’s true. When people constantly put themselves down, I take it as them trying to gain sympathy and attention. People who look for sympathy only deter themselves from gaining confidence in what they have the potential to do. Jim needs to step up and say something to Maggie, especially when she and Don are clearly not right for one another.

To sum everything up, I am curious to hear how others are liking (or not liking) the new series. It seems to be very intellectual with how it incorporates situations that have happened in the past years, such as the BP oil spill, but I wonder how people are enjoying the plot and characters of the show. I will continue to watch it, but it doesn’t have the effect on me that Game of Thrones does; however, who am I to compare shows of entirely different genres? Let me know, and enter your email address on the right of this blog to receive a notification any time a post is created. Thanks again!



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  1. I don’t watch the Newsroom, so I can’t really comment on it, but here’s a really long interview with Aaron Sorkin, who created/writes the show, and maybe it will be of interest:

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