“All You Need is Love”

I’m guessing you’ve heard that quote before. I’m also guessing that you’re guessing why I guessed that. Did I guess right? Ahem…well, regardless of the obvious innuendo I could be making in relation to London (to be fair, I warned you that I’m obsessed), it is a more literal correlation this time. I am, in fact, talking about the Beatles, of which I’m sure you’re very aware. Now, why am I bringing up the Beatles? Well, other than being one of the most popular and influential bands in the history of the world, they have a strong realtionship with England. Although most of their history lies in Liverpool, England, they left a lot of their footprints in London! When I say footprints, I mean it in a literal sense once again, as in Abbey Road…yes, the Abbey Road! It is located just a short walk from Regents Park in London, which is where I actually took the picture(s) located above (and below).

So yes, I’ve been there. And when I say I’ve been there, I mean I’ve literally been in their footprints. So, I guess the past few sentences have had a circular effect, but the point is (yes, there is a point…I think…) that one needs to explore unique things about the cities he or she visits so that amazing memories, and pictures, can be made! If you have lived under a rock for about, oh, fifty years or so, then this is the famous crosswalk I am speaking of: http://www.abbeyroad.com/visit/

Yes, there is a constant webcam which films everything around the crosswalk, and yes, I watched this before going there with my friends. And no, that isn’t creepy…

Anyway, two friends and I walked to Abbey Road and were quickly surrounded by many other tourists. We knew they were tourists, because, like us, they would quickly run onto the crosswalk, scream to their friend, “TAKE THE PICTURE! QUICK!” and then sprint off of the street as a double decker bus sped by blaring its horn. I realize this was probably not the safest thing to do, but it was worth every second.

So, about seven attempts and much more than seven horns later, we ended up with the best picture we could get. I realize I ruined it…in the sense that in the real Abbey Road picture with the actual Beatles, they are all facing one direction and looking serious. I, on the other hand, am facing the camera with a goofy look on my face (you can’t blame me…I mean, I had already been threatened by buses at least six times). However, I feel like the picture came out well. We then saw Abbey Studios as well as a red Sharpie.

What was the Sharpie for, you ask? Well, go to Abbey Road and see for yourself…as you will see my name written next to two of my friends’ names. We were able to sign the wall and write our own history.

The point is, in any city you live in, there will always be the typical tourist attractions to see, but it is important to find those that have a special meaning to you. Although Abbey Road was obviously known to many other tourists, it was a spot that was special to me. My best advice when traveling would be to research the place you are about to go to, not only so that you check the major attractions off your list, but also so that you can find certain places unique to you that will make your trip stand out from those typical tourist itineraries. You don’t have to put too much time into it, simply know what is there beforehand so that you don’t arrive back home and say, “Wow…I wish I had gone there or done that,” when you had been right around the corner. It has happened to me and is not too great of a feeling. Although there is much time to return and to see it “later”, if you keep saying “later” then chances are you will never make it back there. Take advantage of the opportunity at hand.

We definitely made our mark on Abbey Road just as it made its mark on us.

And if you’re bored, feel free to look at the webcam of Abbey Road to watch as tourists speed across the road attempting to take the picture without being run over. Yes, I’ve done this, and again, that is not creepy. …What?


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